Haiku Koo-Koo 9/8/10

Dragonfly alit

Thin gargoyle, all eyes and wings

Guarding his castle


  1. Great Job Bubba...
    Three Blogs?

  2. Yes indeed, G-Man, I have three blogs. At first I planned on posting all my pictures and haiku on a single blog, but I found my other posts getting lost in the shuffle.

    I figured it would be easier for people to Follow what they were interested in if I separated things into three different blogs.

    (Now, if I was smart like you, I'd have come up with daily 'themes' that I'd follow from week to week - so I could post pictures on certain days, haiku on others, etc.)

  3. I like the idea of a dragonfly as a gargoyle. :)

    Your comment about my guitar poem made me laugh. I'm a woman, and the poem is actually about my husband playing my guitar (which is inlaid with my name :)

  4. See? I knew somebody had a crush on that guitar-playing lady!

  5. Brilliant!! I used to live in England, surrounded by gargoyled buildings, churches and castles. Your words and photo work perfectly together, and even without photo, the image of stone dragonfly eyes hovering above me seems almost real enough to touch. Super haiku - I love it!!

  6. guarding his castle... brilliant, friend. hope you might consider linking up with imperfect prose on thursdays.