Haiku Koo-Koo 6/4/10

Please don’t wash away
all my dreams with the hard rain
of reality

I hate fruit stickers
They just get in the way
Of that first big bite

I can play guitar
Better than eighty percent
Of all rock drummers




  1. Hells bells, no wonder I like you. I've had a thing for drummers since I saw Ringo on Ed Sullivan when I was in the 1st grade. Super haiku!

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  3. Sorry to say this (especially now), but I'm no drummer. I'm just not coordinated enough, despite having good rhythm.

    But I do play a little guitar. Not good enough to be in a band or anything, just good enough to amuse myself.

    I've even written a few songs, although only one has actual music to go with the lyrics so far.

  4. Your haiku is loads of fun. I especially like the ones about the dreams, the dandelion, the fountain of words that sometimes drips... That last one has made itself known in my world lots of times.

  5. love the haiku and the pictures that seem to echo the sentiment

    can't do haiku so thanks
    i'm stuck in free verse