Haiku Koo-Koo: 2/6/12

Frost crystal coating
I am wealthy this morning
Diamonds everywhere


  1. I'm here for the Critique my blog blogfest - I really love the look of your blog. It's unusual in its layout, but I love the background image & how it's all arranged. Plus it's not really cluttered, which I think is necessary for a blog set out like this!

    I love the concept of your blog too, all haiku :)

    Nice work :)

  2. (If only I had
    The needed brain power now
    For haiku critique.)

    I LOVE this blog! It's so unique, and the look has the clean simplicity of the poetic form you're exploring. The pictures are a vital element. What a clean, simple idea! Especially in the age of tweeting, facebook, etc., where economy of expression has become so paramount.

    (The one thing lacking -
    Tell us more about yourself.
    Readers want to know.)

  3. This one is awesome. Nice picture and that haiku ... wow. For sure a haiga.