Haiku Koo-Koo: 12/10/10


I look to see,
heading south

A feathery “V”


  1. Awesome, Eric! My husband called me outside this morning and there were about ten huge Hawks circling in the woods across the street. I ran for my camera, but they were gone. Blessings!

  2. The same thing happened to me with some Canada geese yesterday morning. I was out on my front lawn and a dozen or so came wheeling in, just barely over the trees, so close I could count their tail-feathers! Of course I had no camera in my hand. All I could do is stop and watch them and listen to their wings cutting the wind and the intermittant honking. Wonderful!

    I took this picture later that same morning, but these geese were much farther away than the others.

    (Also, they were in a single line; I photoshopped the other half of the V - Shhh!)

  3. That's a beautiful sight! I love to see it.

  4. Is the rhyme intentional?

    feeding the geese
    the distant smile
    on their dad's face

  5. Didn't notice that...
    (Just happy coincidence)
    Nice goose haiku, Bill!

  6. always a sign of the season...

    we're less enamoured of our patron bird here in the wild north..their penchant for crapping all over the waterfront and accosting small children and elderly people has killed the romantic notion somewhat.....;)

  7. this one is so fun and playful sounding - love it!

  8. Nice haiku. Hey, do you know why one side of the 'V' formation is longer than the other? Because there are more geese on that side! lol
    Sorry, it really is a good haiku, I just can't resist bad jokes!

  9. Actually (if you read my previous post) there weren't any geese on one side. (LOL!)

    I love bad jokes; I call 'em "groaners"